Left, John Bryant at the National Trumpet Competition 2008.
Below, Kentucky Baroque Trumpets join Louisville's Baroque
Orchestra playing Handel's Messiah and Zadok The Priest.
Below, KBT members Brian Kanner, Jay Martin, Joelle Glaser, and Don
Johnson at Oberlin Conservatory 2008.
Above, Jay and Joelle play an opening
fanfare for the faculty concert
Below, Don did a recording and DVD for the National Museum playing the hand
stopped trumpet from the Utley collection. KBT also performed the following day in
Spartanburg South Carolina.
President Lincoln's Own (PLO) is  the
ensemble used in Stephen Spielberg's
movie "Lincoln" starring Daniel Day Lewis
and Sally Field. The music you here in the
movie is a live recording. It was not dubbed
over in a Studio. The solo played when the
crowd sang "We Are Coming Father
Abraham" is also a live recording of Don
Johnson playing Eb cornet.
PLO was selected to be in the National
Geographic movie "Killing Lincoln".
performed in Gettysburg when Stephen
Spielberg gave his speech. The ensemble is
available for movie's, concerts, and other civil
war events.