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Altenburg's Concerto for 7 Trumpets and Timpani
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Above, KBT played at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in the
Capitol Building of Harrisburg PA. Here is a copy of the review in the
Oct. issue of the International Trumpet Guild.
Gary Mortenson covered this year’s Festival of Trumpets: “The
Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda was a wonderful setting for the
2009 Festival of Trumpets extravaganza. Space does not allow this
report to include all of the personnel (there were over 50 participants on
the program). So we’ll proceed with the titles and composers for each
selection and comment from there.
“Military Fanfare by David Buhl brought forth regal sounds to open this
year’s concert. Featuring a large group of performers, one could
imagine we were in a European court announcing the arrival of royalty.
Concerto a VII Clarini con Tympani by Johann Ernst Altenburg was next
and featured the Kentucky Baroque Trumpets, an outstanding group of
players on natural instruments. The performers struck just the right mix
of balance, control, and dynamic contrast to give us a really fine reading
of this historically important work. Of special note was the uniform
attention to attacks and releases from the entire ensemble. The second
movement, requiring tremendous control and endurance came off with
great sensitivity. The final movement had a great lilt (in one) and
brought this great piece to a triumphant conclusion. Duet from Modena
Italy (anonymus) rounded out the initial (historically traditional) part of
the festival program. This effective work evoking the sounds of
renaissance Italy was a truly glorious postcard from the trumpet’s distant
Kentucky Baroque Trumpets play Altenburg
The titles include,
1. Abblasen Fanfare; Gottfried Reiche (February 1667 – October 1734) Don Johnson
2. Military Fanfare; David Buhl ca. 1829 arranged for 6 trumpets by Don Johnson.
This fanfare theme is now known as The Olympic Fanfare.
3. Hejnal; Anonymous ca. 1240 Krakow Poland. Dr. Joseph Van Fleet trumpet.
4. Sonata a' 5 Clarini; Anon. from Kremsier (Kromeriz) ca. late 1600s.
5. Concerto in D, Adagio; Georg Philipp Telemann, (1681-1767) Don Johnson              
6. Concerto for 7 Trumpets and Timpani, Allegro, Andante; Johann Ernst Altenburg  
7. Concerto Per La Tromba in D No. 3. Largo; Johann Wilhelm Hertel ( 1727 – 1789)
Don Johnson trumpet.
8. Concerto in D, Vivaci; Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) Dr. Michael Tunnell
Corno da Caccia, Dr. Jack Ashworth organ.
9. "Air" from Orchestra Suite in D; Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) Don
Johnson cornet, John Linker organ.
10. Duet from Modena Italy; Anon. ca. 1690, arranged for 6 trumpets by Don
Johnson. Now known as the theme music to the movie series "Rocky".
      The performance venues include, International Trumpet Guild Conference in
Harrisburg PA, The Cathedral Basilica in Covington Ky., Good Shepherd Church in
Lexington Ky., Sisters of Loretto Ky., St. Francis Church in Louisville Ky., St. A.
Church in Lebanon Ky., and Campbellsville Ky. University.
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