Right, Reproduction circular
trumpet in F made by Bob
Barclay for the Brandenburg
Concerto. Also has a crook
to change to D. Tuned to
baroque pitch at A=415.  
Owner Don Johnson.
Right, We are very proud to have four
Naumann trumpets in our group. We
consider the Naumann trumpet to be
one of the finest trumpets made. It can
be played in D and C at both A=440
and A=415. This is a three hole model.
Right, Egger three hole
trumpet in D. We have
two Egger three hole
group. Can be played
in D, C,  A=440 and
            Our next group of trumpets are the vented trumpets
All instruments below are reproductions.
Our first instruments to show will be the unvented instruments, or
said another way, instruments with no finger holes
We play a variety of instruments. We play unvented trumpets, vented trumpets, and modern instruments as well.
Putting vent holes, or finger holes in trumpets was not experimented with until well after 1750. The vented trumpets
below are all 20th century designs. Holes were added to help the horn play better in tune. To the believer in true
authenticity, this is not acceptable. We try and please the many different people in the audience. That is why we play
with and without vent holes. We believe there is enough room for all music lovers in this world.
Check out more photos to see where we have been