The Kentucky Baroque Trumpets were founded in 2005 by Don Johnson and in 2007 the
ensemble won the National Trumpet Competition in the Historic Ensemble Division. Ever get
chill bumps listening to music? How about a lump in the throat? Ever SHED A TEAR listening to
music? Come to a KBT concert and experience something different!! We will do our best to touch
you emotionally in a concert.  
All trumpeters in the group are outstanding players, but that is not the only reason they were chosen to play in the
ensemble. They were also chosen for their outstanding character. We may have different religious denominations, but
one thing we all have in common is our high standard of moral and ethical beliefs. This makes our church concerts
much more meaningful to us and the audience. It is very satisfying  for us to see someone have a religious musical
experience and actually see them become very moved emotionally during a concert. Please click the link to read more
"About Us".
God Bless you all,
Kentucky Baroque Trumpets and President Lincoln's Own
KENTUCKY BAROQUE                             PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S
TRUMPETS                      AND                          OWN
Above KBT with the Louisville Baroque Orchestra and the Kentucky Opera
Below, KBT in Baltimore MD. for the
Maryland Early Brass Festival with
host Elisa Koehler

Left, KBT at First
Presbyterian Church
Lexington Ky.
Below, KBT at the National Trumpet Competition. 1st Place in the Historic Ensemble Division

Right, President Lincoln's
in Gettysburg at the
National Cemetery Monument
with Steven Spielberg
Performing Arts Directory
In recognition of artistic excellence, KENTUCKY
BAROQUE TRUMPETS has been selected to participate in
the Performing Arts Directory, a program of the Kentucky
Arts Council, the state arts agency, which is supported by
state tax dollars and federal funding from the National
Endowment for the Arts.
Left KBT Winners of the National
Trumpet Competition. Right, photos
from the movie "Lincoln" Right Sally
Field with
PLO at Lincoln cast party
Above KBT in Comstock Hall Louisville Ky. and Oberlin Conservatory
Above KBT at Brooklyn College N.Y.
Left, KBT was honored to have Will Scarlet, former trumpeter
of the Chicago Symphony, come to 3 of our concerts in
Above, KBT in West Palm Beach Florida
Right KBT in
Baton Rouge
Left, KBT in
Below,KBT was the feature attraction for a
Venetian Ball held at the Embassy Suites in
Lexington Ky.
Above KBT in Spartanburg   S.C.                                        Above, KBT at Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville Ky.
President Lincoln's Own (PLO) is  the ensemble used in Steven Spielberg's movie "Lincoln" starring Daniel Day
Lewis and Sally Field. The music you here in the movie is a live recording. It was not dubbed over in a Studio. The
solo played when the crowd sang "We Are Coming Father Abraham" is also a live recording of Don Johnson
playing Eb cornet.
PLO was selected to be in the National Geographic movie "Killing Lincoln". PLO performed in Gettysburg when
Stephen Spielberg gave his speech. The ensemble is available for movie's, concerts, and other civil war events.
Below, PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S OWN in the National Geographic
film "Killing Lincoln" with producer and screen writer Erik Jendresen
and Director Adrian Moat.
Right, President Lincoln's
with Spielberg at the
National Monument in
Gettysburg for Dedication
BelowPresident Lincoln's Own Band performing at the Smithsonian for the Presidential
Inauguration Festivities
Below President Lincoln's Own Band performed for ABC TV
Kentucky Baroque Trumpets recorded at Oberlin
Conservatory with Friedemann Immer, Steve Plank,
John Foster, and a baroque orchestra last year. The CD
will be released sometime in 201
Check out KBT and PLO from Don's Facebook page at   Don's Facebook
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Kentucky Baroque Trumpets or President Lincoln's
Own Band
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Don Johnson at